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Definition of short-eyes


  • printed pornographic material. Incarcerated convicts/detainees (and perhaps confined patients as well) "read" or examine their pornographic magazines so close to their faces (so as to not reveal their contents) that the inmates appear to be short-sighted. Consequently, the pornographic are termed "short-eyes." The inmates rationalize (like ostriches) that no one passing by will realize what is being avidly absorbed when the material is held so close to the face/eyes. Used in the US state of New York.
    You're gonna get off on this fresh short-eyes that came my way.

    Last edited on Aug 22 2013. Submitted by Pseud O. from S Island St, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136, USA on Apr 20 2002.

  • Short eyes is the term for a Pedofile among Prisons. They are considered the worse of the worse by prisoners and will be killed if given a chance. Prison has it's code and child molesters are not welcome or safe in General Population.

    Last edited on Jan 28 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Jan 28 2015.

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