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Definition of show

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Other terms relating to 'show':

Definitions include: dog and phony show
Definitions include: a sales pitch.
Definitions include: a person whose behavior exhibits a deviation from the norm.
Definitions include: to start.
Definitions include: a hockey game or something that went all worng.
Definitions include: not going to work and not calling to explain one's absence.
Definitions include: someone or something that didn't show up as arranged.
Definitions include: a drunken event/night of epic proportions.
Definitions include: to showily demonstrate one's knowledge, talent, possessions, etc.
Definitions include: A showing off person
Definitions include: To unintentionally reveal one's true intentions or motives, sometimes resulting in negative consequences.
Definitions include: to have an orgasm.
Definitions include: to demonstrate one's talent.
Definitions include: to show unclothed skin.
Definitions include: to smile.

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