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Definition of sic



  • cool or sweet. From "sick".
    That's a sic car.
    This image is sic.

    Last edited on Jun 05 2013. Submitted by Tony H. from Medford, OR, USA on Dec 02 1999.

  • alternative for "sick" with a more violent and insane connotation. Originated from a popular song with violent lyrics by the band Slipknot.
    This is a sic mosh pit.

    Last edited on Jun 05 2013. Submitted by Mike H. on Nov 24 2001.


  • To cause a guardian or official to attack or pursue a wrongdoer. (rural Southern)
    He'll sic his dog on trespassers.

    Last edited on Oct 24 2016. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 24 2016.

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