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Definition of skate rocks

skate rocks

  • means fuck off plain and simple it replaces f-off of F-You

    "if you don't like what I say then skate rocks" "If you don't like what I say then you can skate rocks" both are good uses, the first example could be F-You or F-off the second implies F-off, and is more the origin of the phrase, as you can see, it is like saying 'suck lemons' as, skateboarding in gravel, or rocks, is NOT fun so, you can 'skate rocks' or you can 'suck lemons' are similar. they can stand alone, as just F-Off = F-You and don't need to be so grammatically correct as, you can skate rocks, or you should skate rocks

    Last edited on Feb 03 2010. Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 03 2010.

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