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Definition of sluff


  • Mainly a Utah word. A VERB, meaning, "to not go to class and/or school." "Sluff" is a synonym for "ditch school" or "skip class."
    Instead of going to second period, we decided to sluff.

    Last edited on Mar 01 2002. Submitted by Ryan ". from Layton, UT, USA on Mar 01 2002.

  • common in Live Action Role Playing and Medieval recreation fighting circles.

    (1) Cheating in games where a player is responsible for tracking points against themselves such as sword fighting, laser tag, paint ball, etc.
    I hit him in the chest, but he just sluffed it and kept playing.
    (2) Being dishonest or avoiding something in a non-direct way.
    I tried to talk to him, but he made up some lame excuse to sluff me.
    (3) To get rid of a person by leaving them with someone else.
    That idiot would not stop following me, so I sluffed her off on Joe and got out of there.
    You can't just sluff your kids off on me so you can go to the party!
    She said she would be here an hour ago, I think she sluffed us.

    Last edited on May 18 2011. Submitted by Ross W. from Houston, TX, USA on Oct 09 2002.

verb - transitive

  • in card games, to play a card of little or no value.

    Last edited on Jul 29 2012. Submitted by Anonymous on May 11 2012.

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