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Definition of somewhen

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Definitions include: acronym for "alternate universe".
Definitions include: "hundred".
Definitions include: Acronym for "Take Care (of) Busting Out." To do what is necessary to ensure one's ability to exit a situation abruptly, and then execute said exit. The exit is typically at an earlier time than what is generally considered to be acceptable.
Definitions include: alternate spelling/pronunciation of "bitch.
Definitions include: acronym for "I don't like you in that way".
Definitions include: acronym for "some other dude did it".
Definitions include: Most uses of "shit" also work with "crap", except where noted below.
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Definitions include: acronym for Butt-Fuck, Egypt.
Definitions include: the word "nigger", which is extremely offensive.
Definitions include: acronym for "Too Embarrassed To Buy In The Shops".
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Definitions include: a bullet.

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Definitions include: acronym for "fucking ridiculous economic disaster", a nickname for the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy aircraft.
Definitions include: Another way of saying one is a clown
Definitions include: general insult; "jerk"; "asshole".
Definitions include: irritating someone for the purpose of personal enjoyment.
Definitions include: acronym for "end of business", i.e. the end of the business day.
Definitions include: a girl who swallows semen.
Definitions include: the ability to take an object back after giving it to someone.
Definitions include: to continuously change the TV channel, looking for a program one wants to watch.
Definitions include: To be completely stuck in something with no way out.
Definitions include: "Whatever works best for you."

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