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Definition of SOPH



  • acronym for 'Small Oriental Penis Humiliation'.

    Also known as 'Hindu Halfdick Humiliation', 'Hooknose Halfdick Humiliation', 'Indus Inchworm Insulting', 'Jewdick Jeering', 'Pakidick-Bashing' and 'Turk-Tackle Taunting'.

    See also SOP.
    1. Harold: Why are you so happy today, my dear Paki?

    Two-Inch Tariq: My Bibi Sania gave me a nice SOPH session last night!

    2. Edgar: Why do you like Dyanne Thorne so much?

    Jewdick Jacob: Because she inflicted some nice SOPH on her Asian-Jewish male prisoners as Gauleiterin Ilsa!

    Last edited on Aug 24 2021. Submitted by Oliver Spencer Dickenson from Westminster, London, UK on Aug 24 2021.

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