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Definition of strawberries



  • a prostitute, or one who sells or barters sexual services.
    My home boy's sister is known as the neighborhood strawberry.

    Last edited on Apr 26 2017. Submitted by Calvin G. from Bellevue, WA, USA on Sep 11 1998.

  • a hoe.
    you a strawberry.

    Last edited on Apr 26 2017. Submitted by meghan from Savannah, GA, USA on Oct 03 2002.

  • a drug-addicted prostitute who performs sexual activities in exchange for drugs.

    Last edited on Apr 26 2017. Submitted by "J" from Inland Empire, United States on Sep 20 2009.

noun - uncountable

  • the female that a motorcycle club's members all use for sexual gratification, and not a relationship. Usually no money is exchanged.
    Where's Strawberry? Me and the ol' lady are fighting and I need some pussy now.

    Last edited on Apr 26 2017. Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 29 2014.

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