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Definition of swerves


  • (adj) 1. Good-looking (origin comes from "Swerve" brand watches) 2. Cool or Hip 3. Fashionable (as in "I bought this new skirt today and it is so Swerve") Term is in use mostly in the upper Mid-west; Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois.
    Person 1: Did you see that hot girl walk by? Dude, she was wicked swerve!
    Person 2: Dang! She is swerve!
    Dang! Sameer is swerve!
    omg that cat is so swerve.

    Last edited on May 04 2013. Submitted by J. Chamberlin from Mammoth Lakes, CA, USA on Aug 18 2002.


  • A verb used as a noun. Its meaning is "party"; intrinsically with alcohol. (As if an intoxicated person drives with a swerve)
    Ewwe girl, we are so gonna get our swerve on tonight.
    Swerve is a routine for me and my homies!
    Me and Randy got our swerve on today at school.

    Last edited on May 01 2013. Submitted by Danny Dees on Sep 15 2011.

  • Screw yourself.

    ~ Boy swerve,foreal just swerve....

    Last edited on May 02 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on May 02 2013.


  • Cervix-Os domination during consecrated or sagacious coitus Angelic notion
    Get your swerve on; is an sagacious angelic notion opposite of artlessness.
    Urban-Hillbilly origin of the feminine dominatrist fresh water angler terminology for sagacious angelic notion chiefly preside in the South.

    Last edited on Aug 24 2016. Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 24 2016.

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Definitions include: to do something well in one's own way or in a unique manner, usually involving members of the opposite sex.

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