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Definition of switching



  • used in the BDSM Community (bondage/dominance/submission) that means someone is comfortable in the role as either a submissive ("bottom") or a dominant ("top"). Some people identify as solely a "bottom" or a "top" while a "switch" is someone who is comfortable in either role

    Last edited on Jun 12 2009. Submitted by Sammie L. on Jun 12 2009.


  • when a person normally speaks in a certain manner but then switches to the colloquial style with whom he or she is currently conversing.
    Mom, you were switching when you talked to Aunt Mary! You sounded so ghetto!

    Last edited on Jul 14 2006. Submitted by Ken G. from Smiths Station, Alabama, USA on Jul 14 2006.

  • when a person, usually female, pronouncedly swings his or her hips while walking.
    Girl, you were switching when you walked down the sidewalk!

    Last edited on Jul 14 2006. Submitted by Ken G. from Smiths Station, Alabama, USA on Jul 14 2006.

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Definitions include: A term referring to an action that can cause hostility.
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