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Definition of tacos


  • the genitalia of an attractive woman.
    After we're drunk, let's go look for some taco.

    Last edited on May 23 2016. Submitted by worm from Pittsburgh, PA, USA on Mar 01 2000.

  • a "that guy" - a person who is saying, doing, or wearing the wrong thing. "Tacos" are annoying.
    There's no way we can hang out with that taco tonight!
    I hate that taco.

    Last edited on May 23 2016. Submitted by alethea p. from Houston, TX, USA on Mar 12 2002.


  • a vulva.
    Hey baby, you hungry? 'Cause I've got a nice hot taco for you between my legs.
    Boy 1: Wouldn't you love to taste her taco?

    Boy 2: Yeah as long as its not green!

    Boy 1: Gross!

    Last edited on May 23 2016. Submitted by Mike F. from PA, USA on Feb 02 1999.


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