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Definition of tiltered



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Other terms relating to 'under the influence of alcohol, drunk':

Definitions include: showing too much happiness.
Definitions include: mild to moderately intoxicated from drugs or alcohol.
Definitions include: drunk.
Definitions include: killed, struck, or just generally experienced something negative.
Definitions include: quite drunk.
Definitions include: ridiculously, or extremely drunk, to the point of lost or motor skills.
Definitions include: bad, of poor quality.
Definitions include: extremely drunk.
Definitions include: under the influence of marijuana and alcohol at the same time.
Definitions include: extremely drunk; "wasted".
Definitions include: extremely inebriated.
Definitions include: in a bad physical state.
Definitions include: extremely inebriated.
Definitions include: more than sassy, less than sparky and almost snazzy, used to describe something or someone crazy and tangy.
Definitions include: intoxicated to the point of vomiting.

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: misspelling of "ream".
Definitions include: big hips; hour glass shape or cola bottle shape
Definitions include: to be regressive.
Definitions include: to casually mention association with a well-known person, so as to appear more important.
Definitions include: a person who observes an activity or event without participating.
Definitions include: to see someone, in an unplanned way.
Definitions include: extremely unintelligent.
Definitions include: an all-together, cool-headed person.
Definitions include: To use one's hands to grope certain (private) places of one's anatomy.
Definitions include: to invent.

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