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Definition of tinfoil hat

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Other terms relating to 'hat':

Definitions include: at any moment; without persuasion
Definitions include: person who engages in computer security breaching for malicious purposes.
Definitions include: To leave somewhere, preferably quickly.
Definitions include: a condom.
Definitions include: hair or hair style.
Definitions include: hair that has been put awry by wearing a hat.
Definitions include: thanks.
Definitions include: to move quickly.
Definitions include: "hat tip".
Definitions include: condom.
Definitions include: crazy.
Definitions include: someone who sells drugs and other illegal substances.
Definitions include: condom.
Definitions include: when a person's nipples stand out on end due to cold temperature or stimulation.
Definitions include: the paper toilet seat covers found in many public restrooms.

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