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Definition of tootsie



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Definitions include: North East of England name for a man (also bloke, geezer, fellow).
Definitions include: very hungry.
Definitions include: anything displeasing.
Definitions include: to restrain one's self, and not say something that one wants to say.
Definitions include: A system set up to be so needlessly ambiguous, complicated and confusing that it serves as a rorschak test for unwilling participants mired in it, rather than as anytihing remotely sane. It has the advantage that people who get confused and frustrated can be blamed for their own stupidity, laziness, irrationality, irresponsibility or insanity, so that the shitheads building the same evade all responsibility for their prioritization of the profits of some surveillance creeps at Facebook/Google etc. over the rights of random people just trying to get by.
Definitions include: to have a profound positive effect on one's sexual satisfaction.
Definitions include: to vomit.
Definitions include: quickly.
Definitions include: acronym for "for the record".
Definitions include: sideburns that extend to the chin.

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