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Definition of trap queen

trap queen

  • Trap Queen really means a girl who is street smart, she loves the hood, a girl who aint afraid to show her ghetto side. so basically the definition of trap queen is a hood girl, who's not afraid kf shit! It doesn't mean thot, bitch, or whore.
    My bitch a trap queen cause she knows the streets inside and out!
    My chick is a trap queen cuz she's not afraid of nothin.
    R u a trap queen? Yeah wanna smoke.
    Being a trap queen!
    Im a trap queen. Not fuck you.

    Last edited on Dec 22 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 22 2015.

  • A bitch that suck dick and sell weed with her side nigga for the low
    I'm sorry but a trap queen doesn't want to suck dick she want to be street smart or she is street smart and loves the hood or like to be in the hood.

    Last edited on May 14 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 23 2015.

  • Trap Queen is a girl who is street smart, a hood girl, a girl who gone ride with you. It doesn't mean she sucks dick or is a bitch, thot, slut or whore.
    Trap queen doesn't mean that at all. A trap queen is a woman who sell drugs with her drug dealing boyfriend or by herself, she don't ride for you she ride for herself.

    Last edited on Jun 27 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on May 11 2015.

  • A ride or die girl who will do anything to support her nigga and family Even sell drugs in the hood.

    Last edited on May 25 2015. Submitted by Dream-Girl on May 25 2015.

  • A Trap queen is a woman that sells drugs and she is with a drug dealer

    "Married to the money introduced her to my stove, showed her how to whip it now she remix it" if you listen closely he's not talking about looks and loyalty, fetty wap was talking about drugs in that song. If you're some one trap queen and you think trap queens are about loyalty and looks, no. They're about selling drugs with their drug dealing boyfriend. If you're young and think "trapqueen" doesn't mean selling drugs, you're wrong. And trap queens are really street smart listen to the first part of the name "Trap."

    Last edited on Jun 27 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 27 2015.

  • Trap Queen is one that will support family and friends by any means including taking your money, job or any financial support by trying to say she wants be with you to buy drugs and other narcotics for her and her crew, reality is if you are not closely associated with one that says Trap Queen get away (some don't advertise Trap Queen)

    Last edited on Jul 21 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 21 2015.

  • a trap queen maybe beautiful, ride or die , but at the same time dumb she's the queen of a dopehouse cooking dope , packaging dope , selling dope what type of woman want to associate her self with this lifestyle "a trap queen" doesn't respect herself - no morals, no conscience. sad but true.

    Last edited on Aug 16 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 06 2015.


  • a hoe that doesn't want to do anything besides suck dick and smoke.

    Last edited on Mar 19 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 19 2015.

  • A man who dresses like a woman and is somewhat feminine in appearance. Could almost be mistaken for a woman until you are in the bedroom with one. Watch out for these types, they are usually afraid to get intimate because you might discover their little 'secret', but sooner or later you find out its a TRAP!. He is so close to a woman that he is a TRAP QUEEN.
    That bitch had tits and everything! Reached down and it was a guy! He was a trap queen!

    Last edited on Apr 14 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 14 2015.

  • nigga a trap queen is like the "bottom bitch" of the main nigga who run the trap. it means she like assistant trap manager.

    Last edited on Dec 22 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 22 2015.


  • Trap Queen a female thats gone make it by any means selling dope or helping her nigga sell dope she street smart and knows how they rocking when it come down to it. Jakaylaah is my trapqueen she fucks with the squad

    Last edited on Apr 07 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 07 2015.


  • a female thats dont mind smoking or buying weed, she also sells drugs

    Last edited on Dec 22 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 22 2015.

noun - uncountable


  • trap queen is a slang word for a ride or die girl that is willing to do anything for her sake or her boyfriends sake she sells drugs or makes it she is also street smart

    Last edited on Oct 25 2015. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 25 2015.

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