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Definition of verbal diarrhea

verbal diarrhea

  • The term used to describe someone who hogs the conversation. Who just won't shut up, babbles on forever taking over the conversation and really has nothing important or interesting to say (rather like a filibuster)
    We never could get a word in edgewise because Timmy had a case of verbal diarrhea last night.
    Jack: Dude, my wife blew a fuse last night when she saw me chatting with your wife and kept rambling on about how unfaithful I am. To top it off, she didn't let me say a word. George: Sounds she had an extremely bad case of verbal diarrhea.

    Last edited on Jan 03 2014. Submitted by Dawn L. from Louisville, KY, USA on Jan 01 2004.

  • to talk continuously. Having no point to the conversation.
    Adam must have verbal diarrhea because what he is saying makes no sense.

    Last edited on May 17 2011. Submitted by Diane J. on Jan 13 2005.


  • talking too much.
    Often used with the phrase, "and intellectual constipation".

    Last edited on Apr 14 2014. Submitted by Morgan D. from Seattle, WA, USA on Aug 30 2003.

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