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Definition of vertical

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Other terms relating to 'business (related to)':

Definitions include: to hire a new employee or bring someone onto a team.
Definitions include: a person who always agrees with superiors.
Definitions include: According to Oxford University Press Blog:
Definitions include: a "professional wrestler" who loses matches so as to build up a featured wrestler's win/loss record and crowd appeal.
Definitions include: of a product, as-is rather than custom-built.
Definitions include: without any clothing covering the torso.
Definitions include: one view that surfaces essential business data, often from multiple sources.
Definitions include: speech commonly found in corporations, often filled with buzzwords, jargon, and "verbed" nouns.
Definitions include: press conference.
Definitions include: a residence or work place.
Definitions include: an organization.
Definitions include: general malaise felt on the first day back to work after the weekend.
Definitions include: a person attaches themselves to high profile task or project in order to enhance their own career.
Definitions include: the contract involved in an agreement.
Definitions include: shortened form of "business."

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Other terms relating to 'vertical':

Definitions include: to take something vertical, i.e. to upper management.
Definitions include: to take something vertical, i.e. to upper management.
Definitions include: female sexual genitalia; "vagina".

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