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Definition of Wah Ji Wah

Wah Ji Wah


  • "Wah Ji Wah" - there can be no bigger compliment in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi. To give a loose translation, it means "Wow", it is a sense of satisfaction.

    In Pakistan or India, if someone ends a meal with the words "Wah Ji Wah"

    In Punjabi the 'W' is replaced with a 'V' so it becomes 'Vah Ji Vah'
    Wah Ji Wah Kya Gand hai! = Wow! What a nice ass.
    Wah Ji Wah Maza Aaageya! = Wow! That was satisfying.
    Wah Bhai Wah= Wow brother Wow!

    Last edited on Sep 24 2020. Submitted by KebabSahib on Sep 24 2020.

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