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Definition of windy

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Other terms relating to 'nonsense, lies':

Definitions include: Most uses of "shit" also work with "crap", except where noted below.
Definitions include: nonsense.
Definitions include: a person's story: what they would have you believe.
Definitions include: nonsense, lies; "bullshit".
Definitions include: nonsense, foolishness.
Definitions include: a collection of lies.
Definitions include: See bullshit.
Definitions include: to say.
Definitions include: nonsense.
Definitions include: "full of nonsense."
Definitions include: nonsense, lies; "bullshit".
Definitions include: a period of time.
Definitions include: nonsense.
Definitions include: to jokingly deceive.
Definitions include: "Bollocks" is also the present tense and plural form of bollock.

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: a female with low morals and/or a female who dresses in gaudy, tight clothing.
Definitions include: acronym of "away from keyboard."
Definitions include: to shoot up.
Definitions include: to fellate.
Definitions include: an unclean or poorly maintained mouth / teeth.
Definitions include: "rain".
Definitions include: A female hustler who is from the hood/ projects and learned what it's rocking with early in life. She knows the streets inside out and so she isn't afraid of shit on them. Highly respected, loyal and will do anything to hold hers down. A Trap Girl takes care of her man and rides for him always. Never disrespected, not even by her haters. You can take her to a black tie event or a crack house, she's equally comfortable both places. Independent female who can do it on her own. A Trap Girl loves the hood and she isn't afraid to show a ghetto side. Good fighter and capable of sass, class & trash. She may seem stuck up or shy but she's really just focused on her next move. She's not purposely rude, but she's definitely not friendly and if she doesn't like you, you'll know. She likes Trap Music and loves to fuck
Definitions include: to cause someone to make a mistake.
Definitions include: the exposure of the crack between the buttocks when wearing low-cut pants.
Definitions include: female genitalia.

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