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Definition of work


  • to be put down, insulted
    she got worked!

    Last edited on Jan 20 2000. Submitted by Amy H from Jacksonville, FL, USA on Jan 20 2000.

  • To suffer a particularly punishing series of injuries; usually associated with a sports or recreational injury. Used by skiers, snowboarders, white-water enthusiasts, though not exclusively.
    Did you see that wipe out? He got worked!

    Last edited on May 17 2011. Submitted by Che H. from Seattle, WA, USA on Dec 14 2001.

  • To get beat up really badly
    That girl over there is about to get worked.

    Last edited on Oct 28 2003. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 28 2003.

  • drugs or something that a hustler, person would sell on the streets.
    yo you drop that work yet.

    Last edited on Apr 29 2006. Submitted by Chris C. on Apr 29 2006.

  • drugs, particularly crack/cocaine.
    Hey, you got any work for me?
    I got that work.

    Last edited on Oct 19 2006. Submitted by CW from London, ON, Canada on Oct 19 2006.


  • Drugs sold for further distribution.
    Lil' D got sacks, but Chris got work.

    Last edited on Apr 16 2011. Submitted by M. Dollaz from Palatka, FL, USA on Apr 17 2010.

verb - transitive

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