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Definition of workaround

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Other terms relating to 'computer slang':

Definitions include: acronym for "go fuck yourself".
Definitions include: person who engages in computer security breaching through use of widely available prepackaged exploiting utilities, for recreational purposes and without significant low-level knowledge of computer security.
Definitions include: peeping tom.
Definitions include: superfluous source code that has yet to be removed.
Definitions include: any email that is unpleasant in tone or content.
Definitions include: acronym for "to my knowledge".
Definitions include: "porn", i.e. pornography.
Definitions include: spelling variant of "hacker".
Definitions include: In computer speak, to move information from fast-access memory to a slower storage device, e.g. disk ("swap out") or the other way around ("swap in.") This often refers to loading data from disk into memory as needed (swapping in) and writing the data back to disk when it is no longer needed (swapping out.)
Definitions include: a single element in a graphical user interface.
Definitions include: to surf the World Wide Web looking for references to one's name, via search engines.
Definitions include: shortened version of "okay, thanks, bye."
Definitions include: source code that is extremely difficult to understand.
Definitions include: acronym for "frequently asked question(s)".
Definitions include: see ASLR.

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Definitions include: a lot of; a large amount of something.
Definitions include: to go.
Definitions include: a person who attempts to gain favor from a superior via blatantly false flattery or sycophantic behavior.
Definitions include: unattractive.
Definitions include: the return of favor or misdeeds in equal amounts.
Definitions include: money.
Definitions include: See fed.
Definitions include: laid back kind of guy.
Definitions include: to stimulate the anus sexually with one's tongue.
Definitions include: an imaginary place where all the residents are hicks, rednecks, or otherwise backwards.

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