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Definition of yello

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Other terms relating to 'hello and other greetings':

Definitions include: to talk or to contact, especially at some later time.
Definitions include: a greeting, synonymous with greetings such as "What's going on?"
Definitions include: "How is it?"
Definitions include: a greeting or means of asking a person what is new in their life.
Definitions include: a greeting / inquiry about a person's well-being or recent activities.
Definitions include: in support of.
Definitions include: "How are you?"
Definitions include: a greeting; "what's going on?"
Definitions include: "What's cracking?" i.e. "What's happening?" Used as a greeting.
Definitions include: a greeting similar in form to "What's up?" or "What's crackin'?", but more related to new trends on the Internet.
Definitions include: a greeting.
Definitions include: alternate spelling of "what's up".
Definitions include: variant of "What's up".
Definitions include: "How's your mom and them".
Definitions include: a greeting.

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: a person who's scared to do something.
Definitions include: poor quality Marijuana.
Definitions include: Another word for a dork or douche bag.
Definitions include: printed pornographic material.
Definitions include: An extremely versatile word brought out of the military.
Definitions include: the main intersection of a small town, often the only main intersection
Definitions include: to urinate.
Definitions include: A personal trainer who does not know what they are doing or isn't very good. They are not real personal trainers but rather people who count repetitions of an exercise. The best example of a rep-counter is a trainer who places their clients on a series of machines, demonstrates the form for the machine and then proceeds to count reps. Since most people are capable of reading the printed directions on the machine so this activity is not really personal training but rather "rep-counting."
Definitions include: most hot.
Definitions include: to kill one's self.

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