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Definition of yello

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Other terms relating to 'hello and other greetings':

Definitions include: to talk or to contact, especially at some later time.
Definitions include: a greeting, synonymous with greetings such as "What's going on?"
Definitions include: "How is it?"
Definitions include: a greeting or means of asking a person what is new in their life.
Definitions include: a greeting / inquiry about a person's well-being or recent activities.
Definitions include: in support of.
Definitions include: "How are you?"
Definitions include: a greeting; "what's going on?"
Definitions include: "What's cracking?" i.e. "What's happening?" Used as a greeting.
Definitions include: a greeting similar in form to "What's up?" or "What's crackin'?", but more related to new trends on the Internet.
Definitions include: a greeting.
Definitions include: alternate spelling of "what's up".
Definitions include: variant of "What's up".
Definitions include: "How's your mom and them".
Definitions include: a greeting.

Slang terms with the same root words

None. How about some random words?

Definitions include: crazy.
Definitions include: the anus.
Definitions include: to copy someone.
Definitions include: chintzy, shit, nothing.
Definitions include: acronym for "Oh my Lady Gaga".
Definitions include: a setting where a certain political ideology predominates and people are expected to conform to the ideology and must try to convert others to the ideology.
Definitions include: To ensure all the small details or elements are accounted for and in their proper order before embarking on a new project. Good attorneys, for example, make sure all of the evidence and witnesses are presented in a precise, effective order, like ducklings following the mother duck in a straight line when in water, or the natural flight formation used by ducks as they fly through the sky in a V-formation behind the leader, allowing each duck to take advantage of reduced wind resistance.
Definitions include: acronym for "I know, right?"
Definitions include: to become erect; "get a hard-on".
Definitions include: under the influence of marijuana; "high"; "stoned".

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