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Definition of Ziotard


  • An individual who beleives God took a brake from creating the world 6,000 years ago in the middle of busy creaton week and choose a than non existent "race" of people and promissed them a real estate in the middle east... They use this "real estate deal" to justify the ethnic clensing of Palestine in the 21st Century.

    Last edited on Aug 23 2014. Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 23 2014.


  • An Israeli who believes that it is possible to make lasting and secure peace with a terrorist or Arab group whose stated goal is to kill him and destroy his country.
    A zionist retard: about 70 million evangelical christians with israeli flags in their church, anybody who defend the genocidal state of Israhell, most members of the US Congress and Senate.

    Last edited on Aug 29 2014. Submitted by Michael M on Aug 29 2014.

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