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50 yard cunt punt


verb - transitive


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  • to get flicked in the testicles; usually causing extreme pain.
    I'm goin' to rochamboe ya!

    Last edited on Jan 15 1999. Submitted by Nick D. from Canada on Jan 15 1999.

  • n. Rock-paper-scissors game, used to pick a random winner among a large group of people. 2. v. to play this game.
    Everybody wants the last piece of pie - let's Rochambeau it.

    Last edited on May 16 2011. Submitted by Aili from Providence, RI, USA on Apr 25 2002.

  • Roshambo

    A game played where you take turns kicking each other in the crotch as hard as you can, back and forth until someone quits.

    Example: Let's play Roshambo, I go first.

    Last edited on Aug 09 2021. Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 09 2021.

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