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  • A visual examination, especially of a person of the opposite sex.
    Bob is always around the gym, checking the chicks out... giving them that famous once-over...

    Last edited on Dec 21 1998. Submitted by Alvaro C. from Aracaju, Brazil on Dec 21 1998.

  • a quick inspection.

    Last edited on Sep 09 2009. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA on Sep 09 2009.

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  • generally displeasing. Primarily a St. Louis, MO, USA term.
    His shoes were skeet.
    Your mum's house is skeet.

    Last edited on May 21 2013. Submitted by Heather F. from St Louis, MO, USA on Apr 16 1998.

  • displeasing due to being insufficient.
    Man, my best friend gave me a skeet present for my birthday.
    I'll have a slaw burger fries and and a bottle of skeet, bring it on out to my baby and me.

    Last edited on Jan 04 2019. Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 04 2003.


  • Skeet is a type of poker hand -- what's known as a freak hand -- a non-standard hand. It is generally considered an unpaired hand with three cards including the 2, 7, and 9 and three cards in between. For example, 2,3,4,7, 9 would be a Skeet; so would 2,3,7,8,9. It ranks above three of a kind and below a straight.

    Last edited on Jan 31 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Jan 31 2013.

  • a look. England slang.
    I'll take a skeet at it.

    Last edited on Apr 06 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 06 2013.

noun - uncountable

  • semen.
    I just turned on this black light and there is skeet everywhere!
    Skeet, skeet, skeet!" -Dave Chappell Show.

    Last edited on Mar 13 2018. Submitted by Ryan from Diamond Bar, CA, USA on Dec 30 2004.

verb - intransitive

  • to ejaculate. Popularized by Lil' Jon's recording "Get Low".
    Skeet skeet!
    I skeeted on her.
    I'll skeet on you!
    Mate, I'll skeet on your nan's teeth.

    Citation from "And We Danced" (song), Macklemore censored in hope of resolving Google's penalty against this site.

    Last edited on May 21 2013. Submitted by Gwyn S. from IL, USA on Apr 16 2004.

verb - transitive

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