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    • to sicken
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  • a gross, creepy, etc. person.
    He is such a skeeve.

    Last edited on Feb 23 1998. Submitted by Tom D. from Richmond, VA, USA on Feb 23 1998.

  • Something that makes one feel uncomfortable or grossed out.
    There's a lot of weird hang-ups around masculinity that often boils down to any sort of male intimacy or vulnerability [in fiction] being read as "gay." That's a whole other kettle of fish that I won't get into here, but basically, people insisting their slash is real tends to tell me more about the fan than the creator. Plus you have all the additional skeeve of the phenomenon I mentioned earlier.

    Last edited on Dec 18 2013. Submitted by Dr.Whom from Philadelphia, PA, USA on Dec 18 2013.


  • to make one feel uncomfortable or grossed out.
    He really skeeves me out.
    • See more words with the same meaning: to sicken.

    Last edited on Feb 23 1998. Submitted by Tom D. from Richmond, VA, USA on Feb 23 1998.


  • Derived from the Italian "schifoso" / "schifosa", meaning disgusting, filthy, rotten.

    Last edited on May 18 2011. Submitted by jules v. from New York 10018, USA on Nov 18 2003.

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