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fucking A

  • Great, excellent, cool, awesome!
    That chick digs me. Fucking A!

    Last edited on Jul 15 2002. Submitted by Leo C. on Jul 15 2002.



  • shortened form of "fucking affirmative". Originated in US army.
    Guy 1: That's a hot woman over there.

    Guy 2: Fuckin A.

    Last edited on Jun 04 2013. Submitted by matt on Feb 04 2002.

  • exclamation of surprise or alarm.

    Last edited on Dec 13 2002. Submitted by Gene S. from Hammond, IN, USA on Dec 13 2002.

  • an emphatic "yes"; "hell yes"; "damn right"; "for sure".

    Last edited on Mar 28 2011. Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 07 2010.

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  • very. Used in A-team episodes.
    That Mr. T is a helluva tough.

    Last edited on Apr 09 2013. Submitted by Kris and Katie Wright from Rose Ln, Katy, TX 77494, USA on Jul 04 1998.

  • Very much. A lot.
    You're helluva soft.

    Last edited on May 28 1999. Submitted by Jason F. from Tacoma, WA, USA on May 28 1999.


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