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  • Clarisa is being salty cause George wants a Christmas present

    Last edited on Dec 03 2014. Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 03 2014.


  • mean or disrespectful.
    Hey! You don't have to be so salty!
    I like my ladies salty.

    Last edited on May 09 2013. Submitted by Nicole from AR, USA on Jul 21 1998.

  • embarrassed because of one's own doing, especially when one makes a claim that turns out to be wrong.
    Man, he was feeling salty!

    Last edited on Jun 09 1999. Submitted by Miranda from OH, USA on Jun 09 1999.

  • angry, irritated, grouchy.
    I'm salty because we lost the basketball game.
    Stay away from Amy, she's really salty today.
    He was salty when he found out he had to work Saturday night.
    I woke up feeling salty this morning after a bad dream about my ex.

    Last edited on May 07 2013. Submitted by JD from Baltimore, MD, USA on Nov 08 1999.

  • bitter.
    She's still salty because I didn't call her last night.

    Last edited on Feb 28 2000. Submitted by Anonymous from Chicago, IL, USA on Feb 28 2000.

  • displeasing.
    Damn that's salty!

    Last edited on Aug 27 2002. Submitted by J from Cincinnati, OH, USA on Aug 27 2002.

  • corny or childish.
    That was the saltiest joke I've heard in a long time.
    • See more words with the same meaning: corny.

    Last edited on Jul 04 2014. Submitted by Kellaman, D. from MI, USA on May 01 2004.

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