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  • to disrespect, to make a fool of, to point out the inadequacies of, etc.
    Don't let that fool hooride you!

    Last edited on May 16 2011. Submitted by Alex D. from Berkeley, CA, USA on Oct 14 2001.


  • A "Hoo' Ride" is exactly what it looks like. A ride thru the 'hood, bunch of "homeys" in a car, cruising thru the 'hood, smoking weed, drinking beer...hootin' & hollerin', calling out girls - basically raising hell, partying in a car cruising thru the hood. A "Hoo' Ride" also applies to a crew driving while toking, drinking with your homeboys on the way to a drive-by shooting &/or looking for enemies while out cruising.

    Last edited on Apr 04 2020. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 04 2020.

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Johnny Law

  • a cop.
    Oh man, Johnny-Law's creeping by.

    Last edited on Oct 14 2001. Submitted by Cass from Sacramento, CA, USA on Oct 14 2001.

  • The Police.
    Man, Johnny Law was all over my ass last nite!

    Last edited on Aug 18 2002. Submitted by Brian J. from Memphis, TN, USA on Aug 18 2002.

  • police

    Last edited on Apr 18 2009. Submitted by don m. from Georgia, USA on Apr 18 2009.


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