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Johnny Law

  • a cop.
    Oh man, Johnny-Law's creeping by.

    Last edited on Oct 14 2001. Submitted by Cass from Sacramento, CA, USA on Oct 14 2001.

  • The Police.
    Man, Johnny Law was all over my ass last nite!

    Last edited on Aug 18 2002. Submitted by Brian J. from Memphis, TN, USA on Aug 18 2002.

  • police

    Last edited on Apr 18 2009. Submitted by don m. from Georgia, USA on Apr 18 2009.


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  • Definition: Ultimate or supreme level of style, class, sophistication, and charm.

    Synonyms: Sumptuous, opulent, excellent, upmarket, wealthy, rich, exclusive, luxurious, deluxe, aristocratic, high-class, upper-class, posh, elegant, fashionable.

    Examples: "Did you see Kate Middleton's appearance the other day? She's so VOU! " "So who's the VOU, in your opinion, from this top 10 celebrities?" "Yes, Rihanna is cool but Beyonce is the VOU right now." "Forget looking 'cool' or 'gucci', 'VOU' is the target right now!"
    These are the houses in the 'vou' section. Most expensive, but also the most desired ones.

    Last edited on Oct 29 2020. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 26 2020.

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