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in the zone

  • achieving an unheard of level of performance... originated or at least popularized on Sportscenter on ESPN.
    That concert was awesome - the lead guiatrist was really in the zone.

    Last edited on Feb 02 1999. Submitted by Michael C. from Old Bridge Township, USA on Feb 02 1999.

  • in a state of total concentration or bodily co-ordination.
    He's in the Zone, man.

    Last edited on Dec 27 2001. Submitted by Tony L. from Manchester, Greater Manchester, UK on Dec 27 2001.

  • To have one's thoughts flow easily and creatively with regards to art, music, design, or invention. The achievement of a blissful, and fulfilling state of mind. Also know as in the groove.

    Last edited on Apr 07 2002. Submitted by Gary D. from Fountain Valley, CA, USA on Apr 07 2002.

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