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  • DL is short for down-low, which basically means to keep things under-wraps, to keep a secret or lay low.
    I'll tell you this, but, you gotta promise to keep it on the DL.

    Last edited on May 13 2011. Submitted by kait from Connecticut, USA on May 19 1999.

  • D.L. means down low. it means that something is not known to all. if you keep something on the D.L... you don't share it with others.
    I don't want my Dad to find out, so keep it on the D.L.
    She like me but keep that on the DL.

    Last edited on Apr 22 2013. Submitted by Ronda from Charlottesville, VA, USA on Nov 22 1999.

  • "down low". Phrase made famous by R. Kelly in Song title 'Down Low' Definition: secret, keep the information quiet.
    I won the lotto but keep it on the d.l.

    Last edited on May 13 2011. Submitted by Ms M. from Brentwood, CA, USA on Dec 13 1999.

  • to be secretive, not letting anyone know what one is up to.
    He wants to keep his business on the dl/downlow.

    Last edited on Jan 17 2000. Submitted by Chclate1 from Nashville, TN, USA on Jan 17 2000.

  • down low; to keep quiet or not tell.
    Keep it on the DL.

    Last edited on May 17 2002. Submitted by Natalie L. from Thousand Oaks, CA, USA on May 17 2002.

  • to keep something on the Down Low, to keep information quiet.
    Keep it on the DL.

    Last edited on Jul 17 2002. Submitted by Ed on Jul 17 2002.

  • on the "down low."
    Let's keep this on the DL" (so the parents won't find out).

    Last edited on Mar 29 2003. Submitted by Larry F. on Mar 29 2003.

verb - ambitransitive

  • acronym for "download". To retrieve data (computer programs, images, etc.) from another computer. Contrast with UL.
    We need to DL a backup of the database tonight.

    Last edited on Dec 07 2011. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA on Aug 11 2009.

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