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  • n. Slime-ball. Troll. Indigent or homeless. A Loser. Person that never has a real job or a needs to get a life.
    That guy is a skeez.

    Last edited on Oct 24 2001. Submitted by Barry S. from Carmel, IN 46032, USA on Oct 24 2001.

  • A teenage girl who wanders the suburbs, usually in pairs, seeking acquaintances with marijuana.
    Look it's a pack of skeeze!

    Last edited on Nov 22 2002. Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 22 2002.

  • a nasty or slutty girl, ones who are skeezy and gosss.
    Eww, that girl is such a skeez.

    Last edited on May 18 2011. Submitted by Tori from FL, USA on Dec 05 2002.

  • weird, awkward, nerdish, abnormal, UNCOOL. Also spelled skeez.
    He is so weird, what a skeez!

    Last edited on Dec 18 2002. Submitted by J.C. from Oakland, CA, USA on Dec 18 2002.

  • a jerk, asshole
    Chris is such a skeez for that.

    Last edited on Oct 24 2011. Submitted by matt on Jul 12 2003.

  • a person who lies about recreational activities, goon

    "timmy says he got slammed Saturday night but he really just stayed home, what a skeez!"

    Last edited on Oct 24 2011. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 24 2011.

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