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  • Out of Control.
    Your kid is OC.

    Last edited on Jul 24 1998. Submitted by Anita C. from Richton Park, IL, USA on Jul 24 1998.

  • "outta control".
    Aw hell naw, you OC.

    Last edited on May 16 2011. Submitted by REE from Milwaukee, WI, USA on May 18 2005.

  • outta control.
    I know he did not just swear at me! That was OC!
    Son, u oc.

    Last edited on May 03 2013. Submitted by Valerie from Wisconsin, USA on Jul 19 2005.


  • abbreviation for "out of control" used generally when someone experiences an adrenaline rush or high and engages in abnormal activities.
    That kid was OC at the party last night.

    Last edited on Jun 01 2003. Submitted by Trey from Chicago, IL, USA on Jun 01 2003.


noun - uncountable

  • acronym for "original content".
    Is it okay if I share some OC?
    Does this forum accept OC?
    Be kind to posters who submit OC.

    Last edited on Mar 26 2018. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA on May 14 2013.

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  • questionable.
    Don't mess with that girl she's suspect.
    I don't go to Club Cocobongo, that place is suspect.
    I don't buy weed from that guy, his stuff is suspect.

    Last edited on Dec 13 2013. Submitted by Crystal from Orange, NJ, USA on May 18 2005.

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