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balls out



  • with reckless abandon and extreme courage; "head-long"; "with a head full of steam"; "giving it one's all".
    Those motorcyclists took that steep hill balls out!
    You just have to go balls out to win this game.

    Last edited on Jun 04 2013. Submitted by Jon L. from Naples, FL, USA on May 22 1999.


  • See also balls to the wall.

    Last edited on Oct 14 2018. Submitted by Alan H. from New York, NY, USA on Jul 31 1998.

  • Possible etymology: The original phrase is actually hinted to in the expression "with a full head of steam". In the earliest days of steam engines, Watt style engines and their successors used a centrifugal governor to control speed. The faster the engine was to run the higher the weighted balls on the governor would rise until at full speed they were at their highest and farthest reach from the center: high or full speed was known as running "balls out".

    Last edited on Feb 29 2008. Submitted by tg from Georgia, USA on Feb 29 2008.

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