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  • to killed, murder.

    Source: J W Jackson mysteries by Philip R Craig.
    John Doe gacked him.

    Last edited on Oct 16 2012. Submitted by Anonymous from Carleton College, Northfield, MN 55057, USA on Oct 25 2010.

  • displeasing.
    That film is gack.

    Last edited on Apr 10 2011. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 09 2011.

  • A local Derry word describing a fool or someone who lacks common sense. "Yer man is a right gack".

    Last edited on Jul 06 2011. Submitted by Anonymous from Londonderry, Derry, UK on Jul 06 2011.

  • choke, as in making a mistake.

    I gacked playing that last hand (of cards).

    Last edited on Jan 27 2017. Submitted by Anonymous on Jan 27 2017.


  • the residue of a bong pipe. Belfast slang.

    Last edited on May 14 2011. Submitted by Anonymous on May 01 2011.

  • Any filth that resides in noticeable amounts. Such is found on restaurant condiments, public washroom handles and taps. eg. My dog always leaves a lot of gack on the rear windows of my car.

    Last edited on Apr 27 2014. Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 27 2014.


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