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  • acronym for "that hoe over there". A general derogatory form of reference for a disliked female.
    She a thot.
    He a thot.
    That bitch a thot.
    I don't like her cause she a thot.
    That nigga a thot.
    She a thot though.
    That stupid bitch a thot, with her STD-infected ass.
    That bitch sucking dick over there is a thot.
    That bitch a fucking thot, G.
    That thot do dicks a lot.
    She a ratchet-ass thot.
    She a ugly-ass thot.
    Ottawa Kansas be full of ratchet-ass fugazy thots, nigga.
    Person 1: That thot always be on this big dick.

    Person 2: That thot be sucking on that dick cuz she ain't got nothin' better ta do.
    My ex a thot. She fucked me and some other girls and thinks it's okay. Fuck dat bitch.
    Dat thot be fucking up every guy she sees.
    That bitch right there is a thot.
    Why she acting so thotish?
    Damn, she a straight up thot!
    That little thot always in a boy face.
    I spent the summer of 2014 with a ratchet-ass thot named Chrisha.
    That thot ain't nothing compared to that thot over there. She sucked like 500 guy dicks.
    Love no thotties.
    Boyfriend stealing Thot.
    That nasty as thot.
    Bitch ass thottie hoe.
    Ugly ass THOT.
    That thottie hoe slept with my boyfriend!

    Last edited on Aug 06 2018. Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 11 2012.

  • a female who is promiscuous or dresses in a provocative way.
    That bitch a thot.
    You a fucking thot.
    You thot-ass bitch.
    This bitch is a dick-sucking thot. Point blank. Period!
    It's a thot nation. Hide yo dicks, niggas.
    I ain't no thot. I just talk to a lot of niggas.
    The bitch that wrote "I ain't no thot" is a thot lmao.
    All these thots in Ottawa be trippin'!
    I dated this girl Lexi right? An that thot fucked my best friend!
    Julia fucked my best friend, his cousin, and most of the school. She's a thot.
    Lexi is going around the entertainment business spreading an STD, she is thot.

    Last edited on May 30 2017. Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 28 2013.

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