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  • to test anothers' apparent strengths, to determine what kinds and quantities of dominance can be taken from another. This is applied in almost every competitive sphere of life, from social influence to athletic fitness to any specified field of competence.
    Don't try me, motherfucker, or I'll put you in the ground.
    Professor thought he could try me because I wasn't paying attention. But I'm all caught up on recursive looping.
    Try me, if you want to. The results will not be the same.

    Last edited on Jan 10 2018. Submitted by enkephalin07 from New Orleans, LA, USA on Sep 02 2015.

  • to engage in sexual intercourse for casual or lighthearted reasons; sex for fun and enjoyment.

    Last edited on Aug 18 2016. Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 18 2016.

verb - intransitive

  • A word used in an attempt to sound like you are making an effort to accomplish a goal, however succumbing to the fact that it is not likely to be completed because a try is ONLY trumped by doing; otherwise it can be used in the same terminology as fail.

    Last edited on Jan 10 2018. Submitted by Anonymous on Jan 10 2018.

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