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mad dog

  • angry stare
    Those wet backs are always giving me the mad dog!

    Last edited on May 04 2013. Submitted by russelltee B. on Sep 12 2003.


  • Mogen David wine.
    I will bring the mad dog to the party tonight.

    Last edited on May 16 2011. Submitted by Anonymous on Jan 05 2011.

  • Male with a female who was in turn rejected by the female due to something said by another person to the female. Angered after being cock blocked. (manipulator Denied, Muff Defense) Ben is a mad dog looking for a target, Susie just left with someone else.

    Last edited on Jun 20 2017. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 20 2017.

verb - ambitransitive

  • to glare maliciously or challengingly as an invitation to fight.
    The drunk mad-dogged everyone walking into the bar, looking for a fight.
    Why you mad-doggin'?

    Last edited on Jan 05 2011. Submitted by Josh G. from Kansas City, MO, USA on Jan 26 2003.

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