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  • rip is an acronym for "Reduction In Pay" The detective got a 3 day rip for not complying with superior officer. i.e. Officer received a 3 day suspension without pay (reduction In pay).

    Last edited on Aug 12 2017. Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 12 2017.


  • a rip-off.
    What a rip!

    Last edited on Dec 05 2012. Submitted by Chrissie T. from West Grove, PA, USA on May 11 1999.

  • a large puff of marijuana smoke, usually full lung capacity
    What a rip that was! I just gave you greens, and you cashed the whole bowl!

    Last edited on Dec 25 2010. Submitted by Lurking Grue from University of South Carolina: General Information, 901 Sumter St # 207, Columbia, SC 29201, USA on Dec 25 2010.

  • a deduction in pay due to improper behavior. Police slang.
    Or "Reduction In Pay.

    Last edited on Aug 12 2017. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 03 2012.


  • To drink many alcoholic beverages

    This definition is questionable and is pending deletion. It will be saved from deletion if legitimate citations are found.

    Last edited on Jul 27 2012. Submitted by Anonymous from Tampa, FL, USA on Apr 28 2012.

verb - transitive

  • to insult or criticize.
    I ripped that guy good.

    Citation from "CalPERS rolling out pricey digital project", Dale Kasler, The Sacramento Bee, 11 September 2011 blacked out to resolve Google's penalty against this site.

    Last edited on Oct 03 2013. Submitted by Sarah from England, AR, USA on May 02 2005.


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