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Definition of 808


  • It's the the penal code for disturbing the peace. Which I believe they are referring to in most rap songs.

    Last edited on Jun 01 2018. Submitted by Pet Dragon on Jun 01 2018.


  • a Roland 808 drum machine.
    You got to get educated about the 808s.
    You Dude, this band rocks, the deep 808 beat makes me wanna move my feet.

    Last edited on Mar 15 2018. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA on Sep 21 2009.

noun - plural

  • in pager mnemonics, spells "BOB".

    Last edited on Nov 26 2010. Submitted by "THE WIZ" from Plano, TX, USA on Jan 08 2010.

noun - uncountable

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