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Definition of a booster



  • Used to indicate that something has to be done fast, immediately. Origin: used by Navy carrier crew, I believe in order to shorten radio transmissions.
    Bring me a burger, booster.

    Last edited on May 06 2011. Submitted by Jose from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico on Oct 20 1999.


  • Someone that steals, almost professionally. Usually clothes.
    I know this booster, she can get you clothes for cheap.

    Last edited on Sep 06 2010. Submitted by Tiffany W. from Hartford, CT, USA on Mar 26 2002.

  • Verb (Boosting)-Stealing
    My cousin goes to the mall and boosts outfits.

    Last edited on Mar 26 2002. Submitted by Tiffany W. from Hartford, CT, USA on Mar 26 2002.

  • a person who goes to different stores, steals a variety of items (but typically it is clothes, purses, etc.) then proceeds to sell the items at extremely low cost out of their car or their house.

    Last edited on Sep 06 2010. Submitted by Pat R. on Aug 19 2005.

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