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Definition of a fence

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Slang terms with the same meaning

Other terms relating to 'criminal, hooligan, gangster, gangsta':

Definitions include: a member of the Bloods gang.
Definitions include: short for "gangster" or "gangsta."
Definitions include: an unattractive female, usually due to obesity.
Definitions include: an undesirable person - usually one who is without morals or decency.
Definitions include: woman.
Definitions include: to drive around in a vehicle for fun; "joy ride".
Definitions include: a younger punk who is homeless or pretends to be homeless.
Definitions include: a tough person or rebel.
Definitions include: "criminal".
Definitions include: a person who smuggles undocumented aliens across the Mexico-US border into the United States, usually for a fee.
Definitions include: baby gangster.
Definitions include: someone who pretends to be a gangster.
Definitions include: to pretend, feign.
Definitions include: a dirty or messy person.
Definitions include: a derogatory term for females, implying promiscuity.

Other terms relating to 'to sell stolen goods':

Definitions include: to sell or transmit stolen "intellectual property" (e.g. software, compact discs, etc.)
Definitions include: Used to indicate that something has to be done fast, immediately.
Definitions include: From the word hussler.
Definitions include: a petty criminal who deals in stolen goods or counterfeit items.

Slang terms with the same root words

Other terms relating to 'fence':

Definitions include: to be uncertain about a choice.
Definitions include: bisexual.
Definitions include: so furiously angry about something or at someone that you will crash through anything that gets in your way; having a dishes throwing, furniture tossing temper tantrum; going on a rampage.
Definitions include: to try very hard.

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