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Definition of a hustler



  • From the word hussler. It's used to describe someone who thinks they're cool, but they're really not.
    Hey baby you're a hussla'.

    Last edited on Nov 16 1999. Submitted by Lacey M. from Fort Collins, CO, USA on Nov 16 1999.

  • A person who is always working; usually illegally.
    That guy is a hustler, he always balling.

    Last edited on Jan 04 2003. Submitted by Jarvis M. from Eudora, AR, USA on Jan 04 2003.

  • a thug. A person who roams the streets stealing, looking for sex and drugs, etc.
    I'm a hussla.

    Last edited on Apr 06 2013. Submitted by QT h. from Canada on Jan 25 2003.

  • someone able to "aquire" things of value (usually by stealing them).

    Last edited on Sep 03 2003. Submitted by Michael A. from Morrill, Maine, USA on Sep 03 2003.

  • a person who does whatever he must to make some money.

    Last edited on Oct 01 2005. Submitted by Anonymous on Oct 01 2005.

  • a person who hustles
    Her boyfriend is a hustler.

    Last edited on Jun 19 2017. Submitted by Arri S. from Flint, MI, USA on Mar 16 2006.

  • a person who sells illegal thing. For example: bootlegs, drugs, stolen merchandise or anything someone would be interested in buying.
    Ya boy is a hustler.

    Last edited on Apr 06 2013. Submitted by Chris C. on Apr 29 2006.

  • a person who pretends to be inexperienced at gambling or online games in order to gain unfair advantages.
    You hustler! You told me you never played in your life!

    Last edited on Apr 06 2013. Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 11 2010.

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