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Definition of a jumper



  • a female who greatly enjoys oral sex.
    Dude, that girl is a jumper.

    Last edited on May 20 2013. Submitted by Ryan from Milwaukee, WI, USA on Nov 25 2002.

  • One who Jumps. One who engages in the act of oral sex on another. Usually a woman performing on a man.
    Look over there at that jumper.

    Last edited on Nov 29 2002. Submitted by Emmet Light from Milwaukee, WI, USA on Nov 29 2002.

  • a person threatening to commit suicide by jumping from a high place.

    Last edited on Sep 09 2009. Submitted by Walter Rader (Editor) from Sacramento, CA, USA on Sep 09 2009.

  • 2020 definition is someone who Balls alot whether it's sports or Money. Jumper is swag, clout, having good game or banter.

    Last edited on Dec 09 2020. Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 09 2020.

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