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Definition of a roach coach

roach coach

  • A modified van of sorts, serving food to construction/office areas, mainly during lunch hours. Food served depends on the owner/operator, but is heavy in grease(fat/oil) of some sorts.
    Are you getting lunch at the roach coach?

    Last edited on Jan 24 2002. Submitted by Abhijit M. from Mountain View, CA, USA on Jan 24 2002.


  • A nickname for civilian commercial vendors who are allowed to drive on base and vend from their motorized vending vehicles that are pick-up truck styled with a food vending attachment added to the bed with two sides that open up to display a refrigerated area for beverages, shelving for snacks or food items and hot beverages from the rear.
    Tom has a line of credit with the roach-coach vendor.

    Last edited on Jul 12 2005. Submitted by G. M. from Philadelphia, PA, USA on Jul 12 2005.

  • vendors cars/trailers that sell sandwiches, hot dogs, etc.
    Dude, where is the Roach Coach today?

    Last edited on May 16 2006. Submitted by Omar R. from Austin, TX, USA on May 16 2006.

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