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Definition of roach


  • Noun. Someone who is unclean, usually unkempt and foul-smelling. Originated in Eastabuchie, MS at Victory Ranch Boys Home, around 1990.
    No one wanted to room with Billy, he was a roach.
    We threw that dirty roach in the shower.

    Last edited on Sep 23 2012. Submitted by Andrew H. from Dunwoody, GA, USA on Feb 17 2003.


  • the remains of a smoked marijuana cigarette.
    Let me finish the roach.
    Ay, pass me dat roach!
    Put dat roach in da ashtray fo me, B.
    • See more words with the same meaning: marijuana.

    Last edited on Jul 17 2013. Submitted by Leighton S. from Lake Placid, FL, USA on Jul 31 2002.

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