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Definition of boo-yah


  • a very fine woman; a woman with very nice buttocks; very nice buttocks.
    Oh man! Take a look at that boo-yah! I would love to get her number!
    She's got boo-yah that she's gonna put to ya.
    Let me just say that she's got boo-yah in those Levi's.

    Last edited on May 06 2011. Submitted by David A. from Gilroy, CA, USA on Sep 21 2003.

  • Marijuana, usually indicating that it is very potent.
    I got a hold of some red-haired boo-yah and couldn't get off of the couch for days.
    • See more words with the same meaning: marijuana.

    Last edited on Sep 21 2003. Submitted by David A. from Gilroy, CA, USA on Sep 21 2003.

  • Something totally awesome or an expression between friends when having fun times.

    Last edited on Feb 04 2005. Submitted by E W. from El Granada, California, USA on Feb 04 2005.

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