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Definition of alley oop

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Other terms relating to 'exclamations (list of)':

Definitions include: exclamation of abandon.
Definitions include: exclamation used in response to a burn or an instance of outsmarting someone.
Definitions include: a phrase indicating approval, excitement, or support; "right on".
Definitions include: intensifier, used with an interrogative.
Definitions include: acronym for "holy fucking shit".
Definitions include: acronym for "I Don't Believe You."
Definitions include: a general swear word and exclamation used on the TV series Farscape.
Definitions include: affectionate form of reference or address for one's significant other.
Definitions include: shortened for of "sure enough"; i.e. "yes", "definitely".
Definitions include: anything, in speech.
Definitions include: used to express displeasure, disagreement, disappointment, or disgust.
Definitions include: an expression of affirmation.
Definitions include: exclamation upon realizing one's misfortune.
Definitions include: variant of "bejesus".
Definitions include: spelling variant of jeez.

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Other terms relating to 'alley':

Definitions include: see up (one's) alley.
Definitions include: the media and technology firms of Manhattan, New York.
Definitions include: one's area of expertise.

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