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Definition of an acqui-hire

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Other terms relating to 'business (related to)':

Definitions include: busy.
Definitions include: in marketing, a satisfied customer who tells others about his positive experience with products of a particular brand name.
Definitions include: to do nothing of value.
Definitions include: acronym for "another bloody cathedral" or "another bloody church".
Definitions include: the corporate headquarters of a business, or a person or group representing the corporate headquarters.
Definitions include: acronym for "End of Day."
Definitions include: a fictional business report made popular by the film "Office Space" and used in the TV show "Lost."
Definitions include: the pursuit of money.
Definitions include: "very".
Definitions include: a request.
Definitions include: a lucrative endeavor that requires little work.
Definitions include: to invent ideas and solutions, usually by coming up with as many as possible while not rejecting any out of hand.
Definitions include: a meeting.
Definitions include: a corporate performance review system in which employees are ranked in their performance, and the bottom-performing employees are terminated.
Definitions include: one view that surfaces essential business data, often from multiple sources.

Other terms relating to 'to buy, spend':

Definitions include: to pay for; buy.
Definitions include: to waste one's money.
Definitions include: to be of poor quality, displeasing.
Definitions include: to pay for.
Definitions include: to pay.
Definitions include: to put coins into a parking meter.
Definitions include: Verb. To ejaculate.
Definitions include: to contribute to a group cause.
Definitions include: to cost.
Definitions include: to pay too much money.

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Other terms relating to 'hire':

Definitions include: a person hired for their expertise.

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